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Humanizing Online Learning

CSU Channel Islands’ Teaching and Learning Innovations team focuses on supporting and inspiring faculty to develop “humanized” and “connected” learning -- in any modality. As part of this effort, we offer a 2-week Humanizing Online Learning class (fully online), which is part of our larger Online Teaching Preparation Program (OTPP).

The Humanizing class, which I facilitate each semester, is an active learning environment that encourages and supports risk-taking and creativity. Participants engage with research that connects social presence to increased student learning, satisfaction, and interactions. Participants also create digital content (an upbeat, brief course introduction video; course banner; and written reflections).

We have many requests from faculty outside of CI who wish to take our Humanizing class. As a result, we reserve a limited amount of space for non-CI faculty to participate in the online class each semester. If you are interested in learning more about the class and how to register, check out the links below.