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Michelle was the keynote speaker at our statewide conference and her talk was the perfect way to kick off the event. She brought a combination of experience, credibility, and humanity that truly focused the discussions that followed. As educational technology continues to advance—and will become ubiquitous during the post-pandemic era—it is only by understanding how it can be applied in appropriate and humane ways that we will be successful. Michelle will serve as our guide as we navigate this new landscape. 

Thomas Cavanaugh, Vice Provost, University of Central Florida

Michelle kept a 300+ member audience informed, engaged, and inspired with her talk on humanizing online education. I found her talk to be well-grounded in research and experience. I was impressed with how she was able to move from the big picture to small details and suggestions without getting too bogged down in either place — it was perfect for our audience. Highly recommend!

Shannon Riggs, Executive Director, Oregon State University Ecampus

We had the pleasure of engaging in Michelle’s workshop on the liquid syllabus for our faculty. Michelle grounded her presentation in principles of inclusion and equity, reminding us why we teach, before sharing practical ways to implement a liquid syllabus. Her engaging approach rooted the concept in building trust and community among students and instructors, and my colleagues and I gained many thoughtful insights and resources to apply in our own teaching

Bonni Stachowiak, Dean of Teaching + Learning, Vanguard University


Humanized Online Teaching Academy
A culturally responsive online program that has been shown to improve equity-mindsets and change teaching practices among faculty. With a cohort of peers and a facilitator, faculty develop eight psychologically inclusive humanizing elements and culturally responsive pedagogy.
Communities of Practice

Designed around one or more of the humanized online teaching elements, faculty regularly engage with me and their peers in a supportive, transformative community environment that centers sharing and discussion.


In-person or online sessions designed to inspire and provoke.


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