Learning Out Loud: Make Online Courses Meaningful and Accessible (EdSurge News)

Developing critical listening and speaking skills is an essential element of a student's higher-education experience. However, verbally presenting one's ideas and listening to contributions made by student peers are not typical experiences for online students, as most activities in online classes


Unpacking the Problem of Unmotivated Online Students (EdSurge News)

Recently, I received this message from a college professor in response to a blog post I wrote: "I truly believe in the benefits of online learning; but only for those who really want to learn. And unfortunately, those students are few and far between-maybe 5 to 10 percent ...

How to Keep the Human Element in Online Classes (EdSurge News)

"Wow. I always thought my online instructors were computers." An online student shared this comment with his instructor after receiving an email from her that included feedback on an assignment. This story, shared with me by the student's instructor several years ago, resonates with me on an e

The Liquid Syllabus: Are You Ready?

Humanizing Online Learning with VoiceThread


7 Ways to Add the Human Touch to Your Online Courses

Michelle Pacansky-Brock works 400 miles away from California State University Channel Islands, where she teaches digital citizenship through blended learning and provides professional development for faculty who teach online and blended classes. Despite the distance, she's managed to create classes and professional development courses infused with personality and human connections, giving learners the feeling they know her even though she's someone they likely have not met in person.



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