Last week I shared my new VoiceThread for Online Teaching and Learning: Practical Design and Student Perspectives with you.  It was a hit on Twitter (ranking in top 5K tweets, exciting for me!).  I am now finished with the production so I thought I’d “re”share it with you in a new post. 

What’s new?  You will find the addition of two “Winning Moment” excerpts from actual VoiceThread activities with my online students.  The slides are video files (screen recordings of excerpts from the original VoiceThreads) that have been imported into VT (many people don’t know that you can use movie files as your media selection in VoiceThread, greatly expanding your instructional flexibility!).  The video excerpts will first play with a brief audio introduction from me that explains the context and the pedagogical signficance of each excerpt.  I hope these are useful to those who are dabbling with VT or who’d like more concrete examples of how it can promote personalized feedback, develops a strong sense of community and offers a far superior environment for visual learning than text-based LMSs. 

You’ll also, notice the final slide which links you to my own educational consulting company, Teaching Without Walls.  I am available for in-person or online VoiceThread training or presentations for your department, school, organization or event.

Here it is … enjoy!

If the text in the embedded VoiceThread below is too small, please view the full size version.

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  1. Hi Maryanne, I'm so glad the excerpts helped! By the way, take a peek at my previous post, "Preparing Professors for the 21st Century." I referenced your great class concept in it. We'd love to hear your thoughts about your program and the ideas I wrote about in the post. Cheers!


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