New Web site lets students share notes from SJSU classes

A business initiated by two college new grad entrepreneurs, College Note Share, encourages San Jose State students to upload and share notes with other students in the name shared culture. This business concept certainly seems to embrace the spirit of open access to information but, as many educators will clearly see, it highlights the innate problems in our pedagogy in higher education.

The article notes, “Most professors have set up classes so the highest grade a student can get if they rarely attend is a C minus.” Now I imagine students fully equpped with notes from the “lectures” being delivered to them that they’re required to attend in person so they pass. Wow, that sounds like a motivating experience. That’s certainly a forewarding thinking approach to educating our future leaders.

This is it, folks. Our students are pushing ahead and it’s time for college professors to make the shift. Learning needs to result through active, student-centered activities. Lectures should be online and face-to-face time needs to be spent on relevant, critical thinking activities.

Should be interesting to see where this goes.

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