IBM’s Institute for Business Value recently surveyed 1,500 chief executives to understand what the most highly sought after business skills are today.  #1?  Creativity.

Creativity has always been a driving force in innovation and innovation stirs disruption.  As business leaders continue to become more thirsty to find ways to set their business models and products apart from their competition, they need creative thinkers who can bring fresh, new ideas to the table.

While leadership in the private sector has clearly identified creativity as an essential business skill, has the same occurred within education?  Are our schools, colleges and universities clearly seeking evidence of innovation in our new leaders?

Moreover, while we, as educators, continue to focus on how to best meet the learning needs of today’s Millennial students, this survey is more evidence that we need to also be reinventing the overarching objectives of education in general.

“How does the class you teach contribute to fostering creativity in your students?”

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