Lately my thoughts have been entangled in an interplay of excitement about the possibilities of emerging technologies in college learning and concern over the viewpoints of many faculty who characterize their students as “apathetic, disengaged, and lazy.”

These reflections have pulled me into a new topic that I’ve shared in my blog post this month — Teaching in the Era of Participation.  I invite you to read the post here.

I also invite you to reflect on Michael Wesch’s compelling new #VOST2011 collaborative video project which, to me, illuminates a student’s perspective of how it feels to be a college student today, after growing up in a participatory era.  Below is a VoiceThread I’ve created in an effort to showcase the first remix of Wesch’s project (the videos used to create the remix were authored by actual college students in response to Wesch’s call for submissions) and craft a space for educators to reflect on the project and the thoughts it leaves you with.

Finally, I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts on Teaching in the Era of Participation as the keynote presenter for Ohio State’s Innovate 2011 on April 27th and the Online Teaching Conference at Orange Coast College on June 24th.  I’m excited about being invited to present at these great venues and look forward to meeting more inspirational educators in the months ahead.

I hope you’ll join in on the conversation in the VoiceThread below:

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