I will be hosting a free VoiceThread webinar on Thursday, October 20th.  I will share a case study from my own community college art history classroom that demonstrates how I flipped my classroom with VoiceThread.  Find out how I did it and why but, more importantly, how students responded and what its effect was on engagement, learning, and success!

The foundation of the ‘flipped classroom’ model is a series of mobile lectures paired with formative assessments that students complete prior to coming to class.  VoiceThread is a single, easy to use tool that masterfully delivers mobile content with voice, visuals, and video and invites students to participate in engagement assessment activities.

This model empowers an instructor to use class time on topics that matter to students.  With passive listening taking place outside of class, students become active participants and engage in discussion, debate and critique to foster higher order thinking skills.  The mobile lectures provide the flexibility to pause, rewind, and learn in a way that meets individuals needs.  You’ll be surprised to learn how students responded and the effects of the experiment on student satisfaction, success, and attrition rates.

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