VoiceThread’s College Innovator Spotlight Webinar Series
hosted by Michelle Pacansky-Brock

Have you been curious about how to 
use VoiceThread in your 
foreign language or ESL classes?  
Or are you looking for some new ideas?  
Get together with your colleagues
and join us for an hour 
of sharing on April 20th!

 This webinar will feature 
the teaching innovations of: 

David Thompson
Associate Professor of Spanish, Luther College
 David will show you how he uses VoiceThread for a 
digital storytelling exercise in which students narrate a photo story 
with the imperfect and preterit tenses in Spanish.

Vicki Curtis
Associate Professor of ESL, Ohlone College

Vicki will demonstrate how she uses VoiceThread to conduct
a virtual writing conference with her beginning writing ESL students
and explain how VoiceThread has played a key role in the
development of her online reading and writing
upper intermediate ESL class
— a feat that many said was “impossible!”

Friday, April 20th
12pm PST/3pm EST

Registration will be available in early April.  

To be notified via email that registration is available, 
please add your name to this list:  http://bit.ly/ow0NWp

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