Have you pondered the possibilities of using VoiceThread to demonstrate art techniques 
in video, explain complex studio projects, and create secure group critiques?  
Have you wondered what new curricular opportunities exist when you teach 
with a technology that empowers students to visually document, share, 
and discuss their reflections from anywhere?
Then join me for this free webinar!
Reinventing Visual Arts Instruction with VoiceThread
Friday, May 18th
12:00 PDT/ 3:00 EDT
I will be joined in this webinar by:
Heidi Upton
Assistant Professor, Core Studies, Discover New York

St. John’s University

Heidi will share how she uses Voicethread with students in Discover New York, 
a freshman transition course that uses New York City as a text for the 
building of aesthetic literacy skills and social awareness.

Tammy Lockett
Lead Faculty, Foundations
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Online Division

Tammy will share how she incorporates VoiceThread into eCollege assignment 

threads for fundamental art courses to provide group critiques, asynchronous,
 lectures and video demonstrations.
Excerpts from class VoiceThreads will be shown, links to sample VoiceThreads 
will be shared, and your questions will be answered.

Are you a college instructor using VoiceThread to move learning beyond the traditional lecture?  

Please share with me here: http://goo.gl/Z0l1o

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