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I just wrapped up our inaugural Teach & Share, my experimental effort to use Google+ Hangouts on Air to discuss “hot topics” in teaching and learning.  Today, I was joined online by Mike Smedshammer, Jennifer Garner, Tera Ulbert, Jacque Harris, Christine Sibley, and Brad Belbas who shared their experiences about Canvas. We also had up to 18 viewers of the live Hangout stream during the event.  
My big takeaways from our conversation are 1) the ways that Canvas is improving the faculty adoption barriers for integrating rich media into classes by streamlining media content into the LMS without an instructor needing to mess around with embed code and 2) how various features in Canvas (built-in of audio and video communications and a continuous, threaded collection of all communications an instructor sends to each student) can increase instructor-student relations (as cited in the feedback shared by Mike Smedshammer in this Hangout).
Thank you again for participating! I learned a lot from you and, honestly, now I’m aching to have the opportunity to teach with Canvas. 
I hope this archive is a resource to many! 

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