Hangout On Air!

Using Twitter & Facebook to Improve Critical Thinking
in an Online Graduate Nursing Class

Wednesday, July 10th
9am-9:30am PST/ 11-11:30am CST
no registration required
View Live at:
Tweet questions during the Hangout with hashtag #learnwmpb

In this Hangout on Air, I will interview Dr. Sabita Persaud, of the Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Nursing who will discuss how and why she facilitated a 7-week nursing case study by dawning a fictitious patient identity.

Throughout the online course, students followed and responded to Facebook updates and Tweets from the patient, “Cee Veeay,” who shared evolvingly complex symptoms and reached out for advice through social media exchanges.  Students actively engaged in lengthy discussions with “Ms. Veeay,” offering her advice about her symptoms, leading to greater student engagement, critical thinking, and increasing the relevancy of their learning experience. These interactions prepared students for their exams. Dr. Persaud will also share how this teaching approach refreshed her own engagement as a college instructor!

I am so excited to speak with Dr. Persaud about this inventive teaching approach and I hope you will listen in and ask questions via the Twitter backchannel! 

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