Introducing the HumanizED Podcast

I am proud to introduce the launch of the HumanizED podcast, brought to you by Teaching & Learning Innovations at CSU Channel Islands. As the host of this podcast, I am striving to create episodes that tell the stories of diverse students and those who serve them. The podcast will delve into provocative topics and unveil marginalized voices, in hopes of fostering connection and empathy through dialogue.

The first episode, On Being First, examines the stories of three first-generation college students: a 78-year old, retired research chemist and two current community college students. I invite you to listen to the first episode now on your favorite Podcast player and share your takeaways, reflections, and more on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, etc. with the hashtag #HumanizEDci. The next episode will be available sometime this spring.

I welcome your feedback and reactions.

2 Comments to “Introducing the HumanizED Podcast”

  1. Great post Michelle. I am really enjoying reading your posts and watching your content on YouTube. Now you have added a podcast! I have recently become a podcast junkie (thanks to the recent election and my new position at the district office) so I of course subscribed to yours on iTunes. I really enjoyed listening to it. It was very well produced and the content was very thought provoking. You had me thinking about my own Dad, and his story. He was the first one in his family to attend college. I will have to sit down with him and record that conversation. As with all your content, I look forward to more!


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