Humanizing Challenge: Starts Tomorrow

If you are feeling saddened about not seeing your students in person at the start of this coming fall term, that’s completely understandable. Recognizing this as a loss and finding strategies to ensure you can connect with your students online and a foster community will help you with this transition. If you have space in your practice this week, you are invited to join me for the 3-day Humanizing Challenge from the California Community Colleges CVC-OEI/@ONE.

The 3-Day Humanizing Challenge is guided by the following questions:

  1. How do instructor-student relationships serve as the connective tissue for engagement, community, and rigor for our minoritized students – face-to-face and online?
  2. How might we create online courses that initiate positive instructor-student relationships from the first click?
  3. How does our emotional armor create barriers to our ability to design and facilitate equitable learning experiences?

The Humanizing Challenge is designed to support you with achieving the following goals:

  1. Analyze the emotional armor and cultural constructs that influence how you teach.
  2. Recognize the influence of trauma on your teaching and your students’ learning.
  3. Identify the connection between instructor-student relationships, engagement, and rigor.
  4. Record, host, and caption a 2-3 minute, imperfect welcome video for your course.
  5. Create a Liquid Syllabus with Google Sites to initiate positive instructor-student relationships at a distance.
  6. Be prepared to further develop relationships with your students and leverage those connections to ensure they reach their full intellectual potential.

Hope to have you with us! All are welcome. The Challenge begins on Tuesday, August 11th through Thursday, August 13th, 2020. Live sessions will be recorded and linked to the website for later viewing. All times are Pacific.

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