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Advanced Teaching with Technology

EDUC 661  -  #EDUC661

A fully online course coming this Spring 2017 at CSU Channel Islands.
Dates: January 23, 2017 - May 12, 2017
Instructor: Michelle Pacansky-Brock, @brocansky

Course description:

Focuses on ways teachers use technology to teach K-12 students. (Three hours lecture per week.)


This is an online, full-semester course designed for current and future teachers. In this class, you will be immersed in a highly interactive and reflective learning experience that will prepare you for teaching in the digital era.  You will work collaboratively with your peers and a global community of educators as you develop your digital literacy, digital identity, and digital citizenship; design transformative digital learning experiences; and navigate ethical and safety issues that pertain to education in the digital era. 

In this class, you will:

Develop an ePortfolio that demonstrates your mastery of the following ISTE Standards for Teachers:

  • Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity (ISTE-T1).
  • Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments (ISTE-T2).
  • Model digital age work and learning (ISTE-T3).
  • Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility (ISTE-T4).
  • Engage in professional growth and leadership (ISTE-T5).

How to Register:

This class is being offered for Master's of Education students at CSU Channel Islands; however, there will be space available for participants who are not enrolled at CSU Channel Islands. If you are a teacher interested in refreshing your  knowledge of contemporary issues and skills related to teaching with technology, please consider enrolling! Students who are not matriculated at CSU Channel Islands will enroll in this course through CI's Open University.

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