Educators…it’s time to wake up! Our country has a serious responsibility to our students in the face of the most significant social shift since the industrial revolution. The landscape of our society has change so dramatically in the past five years that few educators (in higher education at least) have acknowledged the fact that individuals need to be taught new skills in order to succeed. Please, please, please take the next eight minutes of your life to view the movie below. Then come back to this blog and post a comment. What are you going to do to remedy this? If you’re a student, how do you feel about the education you are receiving? Is it reflective of to the skills you need in life? Are you being taught to be an innovative, conceptual, creative thinker? Do you understand how to critically deconstruct information (including textual, visual and audio)? Do you understand the ethics of living in a global, digital society? If you want to continue this dialogue and really make a change, go to the 21st century skills link below to find out more.

Shift Happens (8 minute video)
21st Century Skills

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