Today I had the honor and empowering experience of presenting at the Professional BusinessWomen Conference in Sacramento. Strongly attended by 3,000 business women the event was a moment to pause and reflect on the momentum and impact of women in industry but also to recognize the steep hill ahead of us.

I participated in a panel presentation that was in pecha kucha format. This is cool! Pecha kucha is a term that derives from a japanese term that describes the sound of conversation. It is based on speed and creativity — two things, I think, that can benefit any presentation. The topic of a pecha kucha presentation can be anything but the format is specific: 20 slides that appear on the screen for exactly 20 seconds each for a presentation that totals 6 minutes and 40 seconds, no more and no less.

My presentation was featured in a panel of six other presenters, each of us delivering a unique topic. This was a fun and different experience for me, as my audience was a group of business professionals, not restricted to educators. I hope I provided them with some useful tips. My presentation was titled, “What’s the Buzz? Technology for Mere Mortals.” It can be viewed below. Let me know what ya think, ok? I think this pecha kucha thing could be addicting!

What’s The Buzz? Technology for Mere Mortals from Michelle Pacansky-Brock on Vimeo.

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