Here is a new VoiceThread presentation I’m working on to showcase some practical instructional design strategies for integrating VoiceThread into an online class, as well as powerful student comments and survey results I’ve collected.  Please feel free to click on the “Sign In or Register” icon in the lower left corner if you’d like to leave your own comment on the “Thoughts? Questions? Ideas?” slide at the end.

If you find this presentation helpful, please note, that you are welcome to copy the embed code in VoiceThread and share it on your own website/blog and the content remains fully collaborative and interactive! 

If the embedded version of this VoiceThread is too small for you, please click here to access the same content in a larger size on

3 Comments to “VoiceThread: Effective Design Strategies and Student Perspectives”

  1. Michelle,
    This is a great introduction to voice thread and its incorporation in online technologies. I am sure your students find your approach extremely helpful and interesting. Thanks for allowing people to use this as well!

  2. Wow, this presentation was so exciting to watch. It did a greatjob in conveying how effective voicethreads can be within the classroom. I plan on incorporating this tool in my teaching in the near furture.


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