I am an enthusiastic supporter and practitioner of the “Flipped Classroom.”  I see it as a very tangible reality for improving the learning outcomes of college students, the mainstream understands how and why it works.  This infographic, which I picked up via David Wicks’ blog, visually communicates several of the key concepts of the Flipped Classroom.

Please take a look and be sure to share with your own networks!

The Flipped Classroom
Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

2 Comments to “The Flipped Classroom: an Infographic”

  1. The flipped classroom looks like an excellent tool. I have always been an advocate of hands on learning and getting students to complete different activities to reinforce the content being learned. However, time is often cut short because of lecture that needs to be done. If students could watch lectures/videos online for homework and come to school primarily to actively learn that would be wonderful!!


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