Do you teach with Moodle?
Join me for this free webinar! 
Teaching with VoiceThread empowers instructors and students to communicate and learn together in a multisensory environment.  In short, it is the perfect enhancement to a course management system.  Now VoiceThread has built cutting-edge Moodle integration that will help you save valuable time!  
During this one-hour webinar Michelle Pacansky-Brock will demonstrate components designed by VoiceThread for Moodle:
  • Just one username and password with the Moodle Authentication module. 
  • Embed a VoiceThread in your Moodle class with a single click.
  • Assign commenting or VoiceThread creation.
  • Score each VoiceThread assignment without ever leaving the Moodle gradebook
Webinar details: 
Friday, March 23rd – 12pm PST, 3pm EST
Seats are limited.  Register for the webinar now!
Please note:  This webinar is not intended for begining VoiceThread users.  LearnVoiceThread basics in the support center. View example VoiceThreads in the Digital Library.  

5 Comments to “Save Time with VoiceThread for Moodle”

  1. Hi Kerry. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, Moodle 2.0 is compatible with the full "VoiceThread for Moodle" suite. These features include: 2.0 +
    – Assignment: create a VoiceThread
    – Assignment: comment in a VoiceThread
    – Embed a VoiceThread.
    – Moodle authentication/account creation
    – Roster syncing

    I hope that helps.


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