Tomorrow I will be arriving in Palm Springs for the Annual CUE Conference. This will be my third year attending and this year I am honored to be an invited showcase presenter.  I find such amazing energy at CUE and am thrilled to be included in this fabulous group of dedicated educators who are committed to using technology to improve student learning!

I will be presenting three sessions and I’ve created a Google Site that I will share with the participants.  I’m including the links below in case you find them useful.

How and Why I Flipped my Classroom:  All kinds of goodies related to my 2009 art history community college flipped classroom experiment.

Creating Participatory Learning Activities with VoiceThread:  A general support resource for anyone interested in learning more about VoiceThread’s potential for supporting student learning.

The Human Touch:  Increasing Your Online Presence with Video:  It’s an old story that online success rates trail their face-to-face counterparts.  But when are we going to realize the connection between social presence and success!? Wake up folks —  you are the missing link

I hope you find this useful.  If you’ll be at CUE, please say hello!

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