Fuel Up For Summer with a Free VoiceThread Innovator Webinar!
Tuesday, June 5th at 12pm PDT/ 3pm EDT
We know that VoiceThread is hugely popular in K-12 classrooms. 
How does this relevance translate to teacher preparation? 
This webinar will look at alternate models for using VoiceThread 
in higher ed pre-service teacher preparation for collaboration, 
formative assessment, reflection, and building digital products.
This webinar will showcase the teaching innovations of Kathleen Gradel, 
Professor at SUNY Fredonia (Fredonia, NY).  
Kathleen will share concrete examples from her own 
pre-service teacher training courses that demonstrate how 
VoiceThread allows her to effectively model the role of a 21st century 
 teacher-facilitator while simultaneously fostering a 
student-centered learning environment.

Excerpts from class VoiceThreads will be shown, links to sample VoiceThreads 

will be shared, and your questions will be answered.

Are you a college instructor using VoiceThread to move learning beyond the traditional lecture?  

Please share with me here: http://goo.gl/Z0l1o

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