I would like to invite you to engage in my most recent blog post at the Faculty eCommons, a free online social learning ecosystem for faculty across the globe to learn, collaborate and share research about effective online teaching and learning, brought to you by Academic Partnerships.

My post is titled “How to Gamify Your Class with VoiceThread Mobile” and explores a specific pedagogical approach for integrating the VoiceThread Mobile app into your students’ learning.  The best part, however, is the VoiceThread shared within the post that invites you to listen to some very creative teaching ideas shared by educators about how you could use the app to gamify your class.  Don’t forget to share your own idea after you’re done listening! I am hooked on this great conversation!

Click here to go to the post, How to Gamify Your Class with VoiceThread Mobile.


Free Webinar: VoiceThread Mobile

Also, you are invited to join me for a free webinar, VoiceThread Mobile: Multisensory Learning On-The-Go on May 9th at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT. Register on the Faculty eCommons.

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