Inspiring Learning with Mobile Devices

I do not review books and resources for money. Rather, I share those that have potential to spark creativity and make learning relevant and meaningful.

This week, I read Sam Gliksman’s great new ebook, 40 Simple Ways to Inspire Learning with Mobile Devices, and it was, well, inspirational! The book delivers its promise with 40 clear, concise descriptions of learning activities that can be adapted by educators of all levels. Sam’s ideas are conveyed in a warm, engaging tone and each activity is grounded in active, student centered learning. Moreover, the book conveys how mobile devices can and should be used to foster critical thinking through the creation of content. He reminds us, for example, how making a video augments the writing process, it does not replace it. A well designed video is concise and requires students to write a script prior to recording.

I used to teach art history. This book provided me with so many great ideas that I’m salivating at the opportunity to have my students use their phones to, for example, step into the role of a Renaissance tour guide and orient their peers to the a painting by Raphael (which would appear in the background through the use of a free green screen mobile app). In an online course, students could sign up for a particular model, taking on the role of tour guide for their peers. In the videos, students could pose a question or problem about the artwork to their peers, serving as a catalyst for discussion and conversion (in a VoiceThread or discussion forum).

Ii guarantee you that Sam’s book will inspire you and open your mind to array of  learning opportunities mobile devices bring to your class.

40 Simple Ways

Innovative new book about using media based student projects to enhance learning throughout the curriculum.


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