Recently, as part of my “Learn with Michelle” series, I had the pleasure to interview +sabita persaud, Assistant Professor in the Notre Dame of Maryland School of Nursing, about her intriguing application of Facebook in her accelerated online graduate nursing course.  In this video, you will learn how Dr. Persaud transformed a medical case study (with permission from the individual’s family) into a fictitious Facebook profile that her students “friended.”  As Persaud played the role of the patient, she revealed mysterious symptoms and reached out to her “friends” for help.  The students responded by applying and synthesizing ideas from their learning units, offering opportunities for deeper learning and formative assessments to prepare for their exams.

What were the results of this experiment? How did the quality of the student interactions compare with previous activities, constructed in an LMS discussion board?  Watch the video and find out!

This video may also be viewed on YouTube.

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