This is one of those “ah ha” moments for me! I constantly find myself swimming in a sea of fabulous video content in YouTube that I want to share with my students, grappling with the voice in my head shouting “these videos need to be brief so your students will watch them and captioned so they are accessible to all learners.”  (Online instructional videos re-used more than one term in a course at an institution that receives federal funds must include closed captions, per section 508.) But I never knew how to filter content in YouTube to find only captioned, brief videos.

And YouTube’s captioning tool is a great option for adding captions to online videos but only for videos you create.   So, when designing an online class, it’s an excellent strategy to seek out videos that already captioned and concise.  The question remained — how does one do this? 

I dug into Google, did some searches and viewed several videos on YouTube that showed outdated search interfaces and then recorded my own short tutorial. Here it is. If you are like me and want to know how to find captioned, brief videos on YouTube — this will be a game changer!

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