2nd ed of Best Practices for Teaching With Emerging Technologies Now Available!

I’m excited to share that the second edition of my book, Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies, is now available!

Faculty today are at various stages of the technology adoption cycle. This book is written for faculty who are straddling the chasm (those who feel intrigued by the possibilities of technology, but aren’t sure how to get started). It contains practical strategies for using technology to make student learning more active, meaningful, and inclusive. You will also find real-world teaching scenarios that demonstrate why integrating technology into teaching and learning matters to students.

About the second edition:

  • May be purchased at 20% discount through Routledge with the code OHS17.
  • It has been fully refreshed with new tools, tips, and showcases.
  • Is supplemented with a resource site that makes it easy to access links included in the printed book.
  • Includes a brand new chapter 6, Unlocking Learning, which critically examines the proliferation of learning management systems (LMSs) in higher education, while considering emerging approaches that include teaching in the public web and replacing proprietary textbooks with open educational resources (OERs). This chapter includes a generous glimpse  of such classes: Myth & Folklore taught by Laura Gibbs and DS106 at University of Mary Washington. The chapter also highlights emerging “Domains” projects, an off shoot of DS106, at institutions across the nation to give students and faculty a place of their own on the web.
  • 50% of the each chapter in the second edition will soon be available for download on the resource site, shared with a Creative Commons license.
  • Kindle and Nook versions will be available soon.

If you purchase the book, please take a moment to review it on Amazon and send me a Tweet (@brocansky) with the hashtag #bptet!


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