MIchigan State University Teaching & Learning Spring Conference

I am in beautiful East Lansing, Michigan today preparing for my keynote at their 2017 Teaching & Learning Spring Conference, sponsored by the MSU Academic Advancement Network. I’ve had many fascinating take aways from my visit today, particularly the time I spent in The Hub with many wonderful folks and with Chris Long, Dean of College of Arts & Letters. I will save those takeaways for another post. For now, here are my slides for tomorrow’s presentation, Humanizing Learning with Digital Tools. This presentation is designed to encourage faculty to recognize the relevancy gaps that our traditional age students experience when expected to come to class “to learn.” Learning is a process that occurs over time. The rhythm of learning varies from person-to-person. Learning is extremely variable. We know this from brain science. Digital tools give educators an opportunity to design time-shifted, connected learning that student-centered and more likely to foster deep, transformative learning. This presentation outlines 5 tips for humanizing learning with digital tools, as well as several examples.

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