Central Washington University • December 3, 2021


Thank you for inviting me to share my work with you. As you continue to reflect on our time together, I hope these ideas resonate with you and you fold one concept or strategy into your teaching this term. These are trying times for our students and also for you. Do your best and check in with yourself daily. Give yourself grace and do the same for your students. 

Teaching online is a lot like building a skyscraper. It’s a lot of work and takes time. Each term, aim to build a new floor. And remember to look down and celebrate how far you’ve come. 

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2 Comments to “Central Washington University”

  1. Liz Fountain

    I’m so grateful I had an opportunity to listen to your descriptions of your work as we head into the intensity of finals week and grading. I look forward to more chances to interact and learn.

    As I grade and advise students about next quarter, and prepare my class for next term, my mantra will be: we do not teach content, we teach students.

    Thank you!


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