Each month, I write a sponsored blog post for Cisco’s GETInsight blog, which is part of the GETideas.org network, a global community of educators with a shared interest in change and innovation through technology.

This month’s post explores the dual topic of the role a professor plays (or should play?) in motivating students and the opportunities social media and web 2.0 tools hold for boosting motivation in the online environment.  Included in the post are my perspectives on this topic and a specific sample of an Animoto video I created and shared in my online class to announce winners of student-nominated blogging awards (also embedded above — shared with permission from my students).

Click here to read the post.  Enjoy!

One Comment to “Motivating College Students with Social Media & Web 2.0”

  1. Blogging benefits students by providing supplemental support for the administrative affairs of a classroom. For instance, in addition to official written correspondence between teachers, students and parents, a blog can serve as a central location that contains material relevant to the class, such as calendars of events, assignment recaps and course syllabi. With its ability to support digital photos and videos, a blog can also be a gathering place for students to view images and video of class activities, such as a field trip.


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