Can Gameful Learning with Social Media Change the World?
Today, May 21 at 11:30am Pacific/2:30pm Eastern!

Once upon a time, making change in the world was a lofty goal that, to a student, seemed achievable only to those with great power.  Today, anyone can use social media to sculpt their own network of influencers — friends, celebrities, politicians, thought leaders, non-profit organizations — without ever meeting any of these people face-to-face.  How are these new social realities affecting the way we teach our college classes?  What would a class look like that embraces social media at its core as a tool to empower students to change the world?

Join me, Michelle Pacansky-Brock, author of Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies, for a Google+ Hangout on Air with Jason Rosenblum  and Robert W Strong from St. Edward’s University as they share their innovative approach to teaching their Global Social Problems course.  The course design uses a gameful approach, influenced by Jane McGonigal. In Fall 2011, professors Rosenblum and Strong challenged students to complete a series of missions to tackle global social problems: Research problems, take Action to deal with those problems, and Imagine potential solutions with those problems.

In our Hangout on Air, we will discuss this course design, their plans to revise the design, the tools the students used, and the students’ responses and learning outcomes to this creative teaching approach. Click the link above for access to the live video stream of the Hangout on Air in Google+.

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