20th Anniversary
SUNY Learning Network
New York, NY
February 26-28, 2014
Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 26th, I will be presenting a 3-hour workshop 
at the SLN SOL Summit in New York City titled  
How to Help Faculty Humanize the Online Teaching & Learning Experience
from 2:15-5:15 EST 
In the workshop, I will be sharing an overview of a brand new online faculty development course I developed and am now teaching for CSU Channel Islands, How to Humanize Your Online Class.  The workshop will showcase the contemporary and practical approaches to faculty development used to design the course, which place an emphasis on the importance of modeling how to effectively integrate web 2.0 tools into an LMS while supporting learning objectives and simultaneously reducing a learner’s sense of alientation through voice/video and peer-to-peer interactions.  
The workshop will be streamed live (starting at 2:15 EST) and you are invited to watch along here.
Here is the site I will share in conjunction with my workshop presentation (which will be largely comprised of a walkthrough of the online course, with ample time for workshop participants to experiment with a few of the tools used in the design and instruction of the course).
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